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The Challenge

In the competitive Spirits industry, if your brand isn’t front and center, it might as well not be there at all.

Crafted with natural ingredients, Kenny Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay premium Caribbean rums were born as an expression of the singer-songwriter’s island lifestyle. The brand’s creative standards are as unique as their distinctive as their flavor range, each with colors, symbols and stories.

When the South Florida Area Sales Manager required support materials and sales tools to help her keep Blue Chair Bay Rum rockin’, we needed to come up with a plan to provide quick design solutions, which would maintain the corporate standards, look and feel. At the same time, regardless if it was a business sized drink card, 10′ long outdoor banner or a social media graphic, it was equally important to incorporate the client’s image and appeal to their customer base.



By creating templates for the various client sectors [fine dining, casual dining, bars, pool decks, events] in standard poster, table tent and banner sizes, we could quickly swap out logos, bottle imagery and recipes to turn around consistent sales and event collateral. This not only saved on design cost we could pass along to the client, but also provided a seamless production process through our print division, Bang Out Brilliant Printing.



Although it might go weeks between requests, whenever I receive an email from Annamaria, I know it’s, clear the plate and let’s get busy. Everything is a rush… and that’s OK! With great direction or a simple “Here’s what I need, you’re the expert, just please have it delivered to this address by this date tomorrow,” there is little need for back and forth.  With clear templates for most needs it becomes easy to plug in details and scratch it off the To Do List by the end of the day.