May 27 , 2018

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  • The Best Way to Sell
    “Best way to sell something – don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, & trust of those who might buy.” -Rand Fishkin, Moz
  • Most Underrated Tool
    “Most underutilized marketing tool on the planet is Google Trends.” -Joe Pulizzi
  • Journalists Bring Value to Marketing Teams
    “If I were starting a company, I would hire journalists in my marketing team. They understand audiences and are storytellers.”-David Meerman Scott
  • Content Needs Social Media to Succeed
    “Content marketing needs social media support to ensure that you reach your maximum potential audience.”– Heidi Cohen
  • ‘Millennial’ Isn’t One Type of Person
    “It’s time for marketers to stop marketing to the 85 million American Millennials as one homogeneous audience.”– Jason A. Miller
  • Audience Decides the Quality of Your Content
    “Calling one’s own content “thought leadership” is like calling oneself attractive. It’s not your determination to make.” -Joe Chernov
  • Is Content Really King?
    “#Content was never King. But great #communication and #teaching always have been and always will be.”– Marcus Sheridan
  • Small Investments can Result in Great Gains
    “Eat the elephant one bite at a time – even 15 minutes a day on LinkedIn can vastly improve your business.”– Viveka von Rosen
  • 5 Key Areas of Facebook to Test
    “5 key areas of Facebook posts to test: Frequency, Timing, Type, Length, @ tags.”–犀利士
    Mari Smith
  • Content Marketing IS Marketing
    “I believe in content strategy. Content marketing is all marketing. #conf犀利士
    luencecon Without content, there is no marketing.”– Ian Lurie
  • Striving for Perfection Could Hold You Back
    “You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t even have to be good. You just have to TRY. Trying puts you ahead of 85% of everyone else.” -Lisa Barone
  • Stop Being Wishy-Washy
    “All right guys, here’s my take on “it depends” – Stop Saying “It Depends” and give better answers” -Matt Umbro
  • What Makes a Great SEO?
    “The difference between a good SEO and a great SEO is the quality of research and testing lead approach to defining strategy.” -Rishi Lakhani
  •  There are No Boring Industries—Only Boring Marketers
    “Your industry isn’t boring, your marketing is boring” – Ashley Friedlein
  • Metrics Matter
    “If you are optimizing for an awful metric, no matter how hard you work and big your data, you are optimizing for an awful metric.” – Avinash Kaushik
  •  Success Only Requires Two Things
    “Enduring companies build two things: A product people want and a culture people want to be a part of.”– Dharmesh Shah
  • What Problem Does Your Product Solve?
    “Almost without exception, the best products are developed by teams with desire to solve a problem; not a company’s need to fufill a strategy” – Jeff Weiner
  • Good Writing is Often Undervalued
    “Brands need to pay attention to their writing as犀利士
    a differentiator re personality, too. Good writing is often undervalued in content.” – Ann Handley
  • Are You Ready for Amplification?
    “Marketing will amplify that, think about that before you ‘drive traffic’” – Wil Reynolds

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