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The Challenge

As the old saying goes … “What’s in a Name? Everything.”
But when you are creating a brand, it’s that and more. And then some more.

When your client of close to a decade tells you they are building a new restaurant from the ground up, and they would like you to come up with the name and logo, you’re honored. When they ask you to some way incorporate “the moon” into the name because, “the sun doesn’t set in the east“, it sets the wheels in motion. Moreover, when the only inkling they give you is that it will feature sushi (Japanese!), and was physically going to be spectacular, and will be something the area has never seen before, you realize it’s not just a name you’re being charged with, but a story, personality and culture.



Pages of notes and hours, days and weeks went into researching not only the name, but the brand voice and message. Like Haagen Dazs and Farfegnugen – Tsukuro wasn’t a word before it was born, but neither was the experience.

A blending of words  Tsuki (Moon) Tsuku (To Arrive/Come) Ku (the 5th element, meaning Over or Above) and Kuro (Black – the Feng Shui color for water) Tsukuro, as explained to guests translated to “where the moon arrives over the water.” It was not only a nod to the oceanfront setting, but further symbolized the synergy of the blended Japanese, Chinese and Global flavors served in made for sharing small plates, as well as the design of the location itself, and team based service style. From there, the logo became a simple icon consisting of the Japanese water symbol placed inside a circular moon.

To echo the newness of the experience, simple taglines were developed. We are the Flavor. We are the Energy. We are the Taste. We are the Setting.
With it’s all glass facade, windows were wrapped during construction. The story behind Tsukuro was displayed on the doors, while peepholes were strategically placed along the windows, where a glimpse through the viewer would find strategically hung images. Small cards were affixed to the door for passersby to take encouraging them to sign up for the mailing list or follow construction on the business Facebook Page.



Tsukuro opened to rave reviews in February 2013 and was one of the first new restaurants to lead the culinary renaissance on Fort Lauderdale Beach.
To honor its name, each month on the Saturday of the Full Moon, lively parties took place.
Throughout the year, promotions for International Sushi Day to Ice Tea Month were planned, while themed Happy Hours, Sushi Tasting Dinner and Loyalty Programs provided guests new ways to experience the menu.

Celebrating their 5th year in 2018, Tsukuro is still dazzling patrons with their unique blend of Asian Inspired: Flavor. Experience and Setting.